Mental Health


Summer mental health Program

Hi young folks! 🥁
This summer, the mental health team of Project Mumbai brings to you 6 sessions program to help you get back to offline learning with ease and to help you cope with stressful social situations.
All the sessions will be taken by trained experienced mental health professionals.

You can send in your registrations at by latest 8th May’22.

The program is for adolescents between the ages of 14 to 16.
Start date- 10th May
End date- 5th June
Timings- 4 pm to 5 pm, once a week
Mode- online
Fee- Free

The mental health team of Project Mumbai runs several such emotional well-being initiatives for various communities like prison, school stakeholders, geriatric population and working adults. For adolescents, this is our 4th summer program through the years follower by young minds and emotion express.

Come aboard on the the emotion wellness train for the summer!🚂😁


The Smiling Schools Project

An Initiative by Project Mumbai in Collaboration with the MCGM

Project Mumbai is a Mumbai-based not-for-profit institution engaged in improving the quality of life of people in Mumbai. In February 2019, Project Mumbai signed an MoU with the government of Maharashtra, to create a mental wellness curriculum for adolescents, parents, and educators, thus giving birth to the Smiling Schools Project.

A growing body of research shows that a negative school environment is directly related to poor student attendance. Moreover, it severely undermines students’ capacity to learn and dramatically increases the likelihood that they will develop significant psycho social problems over time. On the contrary, students receiving support from their teachers and peers are likely to have positive self-esteem and fewer depressive symptoms.


The Samvaad initiative by Project Mumbai which was initiated to reach out to 12 crore residents of Maharashtra, the toll free helpline for counselling with the government of Maharashtra, managed to reach out to over 24 states across India.

While the initiative’s attention remained focused mainly on Mumbai, we also realized that communities across Maharashtra were facing acute challenges too.

 This is when Project Mumbai decided to extend the plan and make it a much more larger one.


Emotion Express II

Team Project Mumbai hopes each one of you is safe and healthy. The second wave of the pandemic has shaken us all to our core and yet we continued to be resilient, kind to ourselves and compassionate towards others. From March to May 2021 you sent us ways of coping with your helplessness, anger, grief, sadness, uncertainties…. This compilation serves as a source of strength for the entire community. May being mental health awareness month, we present to you #emotionexpress 2.0 our mental health guide for the community by the community.

Emotion-Express cover picture
Young-Minds-For-Mental-Health initiative picture

Young Minds For Mental Health 2.0

#Adolescentmentalhealth has been a passion space for Project Mumbai. Our adolescent mental health initiative – #TheSmilingSchoolsProject, already in its second year, reaches out to approx. 10,000 adolescents across the #MumbaiMetropolitanRegion. Since the lockdown has affected the #studentadolescentcommunity so much with all the #uncertainties around exams, school ending, beginning of college, searching for jobs/internships, and navigating through one’s emotions, we thought it would help to have a mental health safe space for youth



 Providing meals, medicines and groceries to over 10,000 senior citizens and people with disabilities or living alone.

Our first actionable initiative began even before the lockdown was announced. Our army of volunteers swung into action to provide this service.

 In several cases, we dipped into our resources of donations to pay for the groceries of those who could not afford to purchase. This was to reach out to those, who were under home quarantine as a part of the air travel protocol.

 We provided this service as we did not want them to feel compelled to step out.