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Mental Health Report March 2024

The Smiling School Project (TSSP):

The TSSP is a dedicated mental health initiative aimed at nurturing emotional intelligence and resilience among students in 57 BMC schools. Through the implementation of a specialized Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum, the project has made significant strides in supporting the mental well-being of over 4000 students spanning grades 5th, 6th, and 7th. As the academic year 2023-2024 drew to a close in March, so did the activities under the project for the year, marking a period of impactful intervention in the educational sphere.



 Manaswin represents a comprehensive mental well-being program designed specifically for police personnel. The primary objective of this initiative is to empower law enforcement officers with the requisite knowledge and skills to recognize and address mental health challenges, both within themselves and among individuals they encounter in their line of duty. In March 2024, the scope of the Manaswin program was broadened to include other personnel in uniform. Notably, a session was conducted at Arthur Road prison, reflecting the expansion of the initiative’s reach beyond traditional law enforcement settings.



These initiatives exemplify proactive measures taken to promote mental health awareness and support within our communities. By targeting diverse demographic groups, including students and uniformed personnel, these programs contribute to fostering a culture of understanding, resilience, and support in addressing mental health challenges. Moving forward, continued investment and expansion of such initiatives are essential to ensure the holistic well-being of individuals across various sectors of society.