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April 2022

Afew years ago, I recall seeing images of life in the far-eastern countries. Almost every other citizen on the street had a mask on.


On March 29, we started an initiative to provide meals in those in dire conditions. On day one, a Sunday morning, in the last week of March,


Taking care of our mental health is a continuous effort. When we start as early as a school we build awareness and coping tools to manage…


Project Mumbai, in partnership with the Government of Maharashtra, broughttogether influencers in the public and private sectors…

March-May 2021

The COVID second wave struck and how.We at Project Mumbai have been relentless in relief work since March


Jallosh-Clean Coasts, saw citizens, voluntary groups, corporate leaders and governments join hands for waste segregation, clean up and …


Welcome to the inaugural issue of MyCity, the Project Mumbai newsletter.Project Mumbai is a not-for-profit public trust that has partnered …