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Social media can actually rewire a young child or teen's (person between the age of 13-19) brain to constantly seek out immediate short-term gratification, which may lead to obsessive, compulsive, and also addictive behaviors and traits, It can make mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, ADHD and body dysmorphia worse.

November 2022

Project Mumbai is officially four-year-old. And while each one of us in the Project Mumbai team has never shied away from being grateful for what you have helped us achieve, allow me once again to say, Thank you

April 2022

Afew years ago, I recall seeing images of life in the far-eastern countries. Almost every other citizen on the street had a mask on.


Taking care of our mental health is a continuous effort. When we start as early as a school we build awareness and coping tools to manage…


Project Mumbai, in partnership with the Government of Maharashtra, broughttogether influencers in the public and private sectors…


On March 29, we started an initiative to provide meals in those in dire conditions. On day one, a Sunday morning, in the last week of March,

March-May 2021

The COVID second wave struck and how.We at Project Mumbai have been relentless in relief work since March


Jallosh-Clean Coasts, saw citizens, voluntary groups, corporate leaders and governments join hands for waste segregation, clean up and …


Welcome to the inaugural issue of MyCity, the Project Mumbai newsletter.Project Mumbai is a not-for-profit public trust that has partnered …