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 Project Mumbai has been able to make a positive impact on the lives of so many Mumbai citizens and we are delighted to share some pictures of our success stories.


Project Mumbai enters the inclusivity space by partnering with wheelchair basketball federation to nurture wheelchair basketball talent for podium finish, awareness, coaching, infrastructure, change of mindset and to enable parents with children on wheelchairs to plan a future.


“The measure of life is not its duration but its donation”

Project Mumbai partners with Amar Gandhi Foundation to take on the task of getting every family to pledge to donate their organs post demise.


Ever wondered what’s the significance behind the name which adorns the signboard at the beginning of your lane? Who are these people? What is their contribution which has earned them the place on the signboard?


In order to provide assistance to the Mumbai Police, Project Mumbai will form a group of volunteers who will be the first respondents, the eyes and ears of the Nirbhaya team. This group of volunteers will be an all women team that will assist the police in making the city safe. 

Our Mission

Make World Happier

Our mission is to bring hope to those with none and change the lives of everyone living in Mumbai. Every year, through our work, we hope to impact the lives of innumerable people around us.

Clean Water

Our mission is to provide long-lasting solutions to make clean water accessible for everyone, everywhere.

Healthy Food

We aim to provide healthy and nutritious meals to all so that no one ever sleeps hungry.

Medical Help

Our aim is to ensure that every individual is getting proper care, medicines, diagnosis and attention during dire circumstances.

Proper Education

Our mission is to empower the less fortunate with basic necessities such as proper education that would ensure a better standard of living.