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    The Mumbai Plastic Recyclothon

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    Recycling takes little effort on your part, to create a big difference in the world around us

    The Initiative in its fourth year..2022

    Project Mumbai launched its first Mega plastic donation, collection and recycle drive past October 2018, celebrating the people’s festival of Giving, Daan Utsav.

    The Plastic Recyclothon by Project Mumbai is now an award-winning initiative urging people to reduce consumption of harmful plastic which is damaging the environment. At the same time, this has emerged as one of the largest Public- Private-People Partnerships for a cause.

    The initiative was awarded by Limca Book of Records 2019 largest Public- Private-People Partnerships for a cause
    The Plastic Recyclothon: Ek Baar Phir is specifically an initiative to inculcate a positive behavioural change in terms of reducing plastic waste from our daily use.
    In 2020 in spite of the difficult situation due to #Covid 19 and span of time during the pandemic, Project Mumbai has been able to organise the Plastic collection drive across Mumbai successfully
    Needless to say, we pay gratitude to the citizens and like-minded organisations that came on boards to make this initiative a huge success. The volunteers played an important role in the implementation of the whole project.

    Last year, 2021, everyone’s support was particularly noteworthy and truly commendable. From citizen donors, volunteers who travelled with trucks, all our initiative partners and all those who spread the word. Yes, also to those individuals, groups, malls, institutions and housing societies who willingly allowed their premises to become drop-off points.

    We were delighted to have the support of L&T as our Principal partner in this Public Service Initiative. In other roles, Shakti Plastic Industries are working on the recycling support.

    We had been able to organise the drive in 2021 in the month of June to December.

    In Oct 2020 as we celebrate the Joy of giving during DAAN Utsav we organize the biggest collection drive for 2 days during the week. In Nov 2020 was the last drive planned for the year.

    This Year with the gained vigour we are back with the monthly Plastic collection drive.. The Mumbai Plastic Recyclothon 2022 is on with the support of likeminded organisations/citizen groups, corporates and individuals.

    Recycling plastic is a key component of modern waste reduction and it aims to improve environmental sustainability by substituting raw material inputs and redirecting waste output out of the economic system.

    To contribute to the slogan – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, Project Mumbai initiated “The Mumbai Plastic Recyclothon” – India’s biggest Plastic Recyclothon. With the support of Mumbaikars living in housing societies, working in the corporate sector, enthusiastic school kids and energetic college going young adults, we geared up to collect over 250 tonnes of plastic in a week from October 2nd to 8th, 2018. The Mumbai Plastic Recyclothon aimed towards contributing to the city’s wellbeing, in order to reclaim and rebuild our city.

    After giving a kickstart to this massive project in 2018, we have now successfully reached the fourth year, where more and more people have joined us to urge one another to reduce the consumption of harmful plastic which damages the environment to quite an extent. This initiative also managed to emerge as the largest Public-Private-People Partnerships for a cause and was awarded by the Limca Book of World Records 2019 for largest Public-Private-People Partnership for a cause.


    Impact of the initiative

    Behavioral change – One of the most positive and major impacts of this action based initiative was a change in the behavior and attitude of people in Mumbai. Mumbaikars across residential complexes, offices and schools, realized the necessity to reduce plastic consumption which has been causing immense harm. We got innumerable messages from people assuring us of their reduced/complete stoppage of plastic consumption in their homes as much as possible.

    Rejection/Refusal – Across India, one of the largest users of plastic has been noticed in the retail industry which has caused immense harm to the environment. For example, grocers and vegetable vendors have been using plastic since decades for distribution of their products. Due to The Plastic Recyclothon, we received various calls from people across geographies telling us about how they ensured that their local vendors stopped providing grocery or vegetables in plastic bags.

     Demonstrated recycling – Project Mumbai has chosen a unique action oriented manner for building people’s trust and belief into what and how plastic can be recycled. By building trust through recycling and by creating this as a collaborative mechanism, we brought in recyclers who helped collect and segregate the plastic which was subsequently recycled into amenities for the city. In this case, specifically, benches are being made which will be placed in open spaces of Mumbai, especially parks and gardens.

    Join Our Event

    Step One is to COLLECT the plastic in and around the area of travel, work, or stay.
    Step two is to register with Project Mumbai on our website once the registrations open up (On  14th September 2021 to 26th September 2021 ) Registration close on 26th September 2021


    Step One is to COLLECT the plastic in and around the area of travel, work, or stay.
    Step two is to register with Project Mumbai on our website once the registrations open up (On 16th May 2022 to 23rd May 2022 ) Registration close on 23rd May 2022

    On the pre-decided date (this time 27th May 2022 ) ensure you drop off your collected plastic waste within the time restrictions mentioned at your nearest drop off location and collection will be done the immediately next day from all the drop off locations

    Any kind of plastic.
    The Plastic Recyclothon: Ek Baar Phir is specifically an initiative to inculcate a positive behavioural change in terms of reducing plastic waste from our daily use. Hence, we expect support from citizens in donating and giving away only plastic waste. NOTHING ELSE, or no other form of waste including broken chairs, sofas, household garbage or wet waste.
    The plastic that we collect shall be recycled to creating benches and other public use amenities.
    Plogging: What is Plogging. Plogging is picking up plastic as you jog. You can register as a plogger and collect plastic as you go for your morning walk/go to the office/for your tuitions/to buy vegetables/ or anytime you step out. Collect the plastic waste and add it to your waste collection. Can we make Mumbai the city of Ploggers and make Mumbai Plastic waste-free?
    Beginning now, as groups of individuals or individuals, institutions etc start collecting the plastic waste from your home, work place and surroundings. Reduce the clutter and collate it at any safe location.