The last date to register for a Free Pick up of your Plastic is now over (It was September 30). 
For those who still wish to donate their Plastic and Plastic Waste, we are grateful to the MCGM for setting up 37 DROP POINTS across Mumbai. We are re-producing the list below. 
Please choose the drop point closest to you and donate your plastic /plastic waste  at any of these locations.
Thank you
Team ProjectMumbai

Mumbai Plastic Recyclothon in Numbers

Kms of Travel



Plastic Donated by



Corporates, Schools, Colleges, NGOs, HSG. etc

Making this one of the largest Voluntary Donation initiatives with a doorstep pick up in a single city for a single cause.


  • The first phase, of You donating and we collecting all kinds of plastic given by you is now TRULY over.

  • The second phase of segregating the collected Plastic and starting with the task of the Art work, will now begin.

  • The third phase would be Recycling the Plastic into Benches for senior citizens, as promised.

  • The fourth phase, launching a detailed Research, for a Policy document has begun too.

  • The fifth and equally simultaneous activity and phase is Education. Project Mumbai hopes to reach out to schools/colleges and Institutions and educate on ways and means to recycle your Plastic.

Mumbai Plastic Recyclothon – Partners Speak

At PepsiCo India, our Performance with Purpose goal is to reduce the impact of our packaging on the environment and to increase recycling of plastic packaging, and we are continually working in this direction through various programs. We are delighted to partner Project Mumbai for the Mumbai Plastic Recyclathon. In addition to supporting the collection and recycling of used plastic packaging, we believe that this is an excellent opportunity to scale up awareness for the need and value of responsible recycling among consumers at large.

As a responsible food and beverage player, we have already taken steps to reduce the amount of packaging material used in our snacks products, while enabling the recycling infrastructure in the state of Maharashtra. We remain committed to the government’s focus on addressing the issue of plastic waste in a sustainable manner, and are continually working to be part of the solution.

Neelima Dwivedi, Vice President, PepsiCo India

We at Dalmia Polypro strongly believe in the need to recycle and reuse our waste streams.
We are delighted to partner with for The Mumbai Plastic Recyclothon.
As a leading recycler, we shall be wholeheartedly supporting the initiative and will leave no stone unturned to ensure the project is a resounding success.

Aditya Dalmia, Managing Director - Dalmia Polypro Industries Private Limited

I am delighted to partner with Project Mumbai and the Mumbai Plastic Recyclothon. I have been involved with recycling metal since the past 30 years. Nowadays, any material can be and is being used to create pieces of art.
Used plastic, paper, strings, tyres, wires, anything you can lay your hands on.
If this awareness can become a mass movement, we shall be having smaller dumping and garbage yards, and could prevent our planet from getting choked further.

Sculptor Arzan Khambatta

IamHere is proud to associate with Project Mumbai for its Plastic Recyclothon. Through our location-based discovery and collaboration platform, we at IamHere have connected like-minded people for hobbies and interests. We have connected businesses to customers in the vicinity. This Daan Utsav, we are connecting people with social causes. We have around 9000 NGOs across the country on a map and finding information about an NGO or connecting with them is just a tap away.

The Plastic Recyclothon event is one of the largest ever of its kind in the country and it needed location and collaboration to make it successful. IamHere is happy that we could find ourselves useful for this noble cause. We are enabling the collection drive through a digital platform that has maps, chats and live location. We wish the Project Mumbai team all the best and we will be happy to associate in future as well.

Narendra Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO, IamHere Software Labs

The Mumbai Plastic Recyclothon

An initiative of to celebrate DaanUtsav, India’s very own festival of voluntary giving. (October 2 to October 8, 2018)

The three pronged initiative will entail:


    To engage people of Mumbai to participate in what could arguably be India’s most massive Plastic Donation or Daan.
    Aiming for a targeted collection of approximately 250 tonnes of plastic within one week.
    Proceeds of the collected and donated plastic will go towards NGOs working in this space.


    Building and installing an art work entirely made of the plastic donated by the citizens, and recycled Plastic waste, to be permanently located at a landmark venue in Mumbai visible from far and wide.


    Use portion of the donated plastic to recycle it and mould it into street benches and seats, to be installed in public spaces and gardens of Mumbai, for the exclusive use of senior citizens. Another chunk of the donated plastic will be recycled into creation of waste bins to be put up at key locations across Mumbai.

    Led by Project Mumbai org and supported by scores of Citizen groups, Operation Plastic Recyclothon is a give-back gesture of Citizens to their City.

    The initiative is to celebrate the festival of DaanUtsav, India’s very on voluntary festival of Giving which is observed across India from October 2 to October 8.

    To support operation Plastic Recyclothon, hundreds of volunteers under the various groups conducting Beach-clean-up operations have come on board as initiative partners.

    Several Corporates, Housing Societies, Business establishments, Schools and Colleges, Restaurants and people like us, individually or through organised groups have already expressed their support.

    How Can I participate:

    • Circulate a note of Operation Plastic Recyclothon in your community as soon as you get it or hear about it.
    • Create a Plastic collection point within your premises.Join the DaanUtsav movement and urge people to give away their plastic waste from october 2 to October 8, 2018.
    • Collect as much plastic and plastic-waste as your team can contribute and donate.
    • Log on to to reach us for the pick up details. Fill up the form with details of Institution/Corporate House/School/College/Business/Housing Society
      The contact person and address:
      The suggested date of collection.
    • You will hear from team Operation Plastic Recyclothon at the earliest which will organise the collection.


Operation Plastic Recyclothon is led by Project Mumbai, a not for profit initiative engaged in bringing positive change in the society. Operation plastic Recyclothon is being supported by several prominent groups, the names of which will be shared in due course.
Since this is an initiative for common good, we are in the process of bringing on board the Government of Maharashtra and the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) as support partners.

How will the process take place: And Timelines

From September 15 to October 1, a comprehensive messaging through social and mainstream media will enlighten participating institutions, housing societies, schools, colleges and Corporates to explain the challenges of bad plastic, the advantages of recycling and contribution to the environment and future.
October 2 to October 8: Begins India’s largest contribution and donation of plastic by citizens.
The plastic donated will be collected from institutions by handlers and segregated. It will then be handed over to the recyclers. The recycler will buy it off the collecters and reimburse them for their work, thus the proceeds going towards the running of the NGOs.
Cleaned Plastic will be handed over to the Installation Team for the creation of the art work of unique dimension and futuristic design.
Simultaneously, Team Recycler will begin utilising portion of the donated plastic to carve out a specific number of Benches, seats and Garbage collection Bins (made out of recycled plastic) , to be installed at pre-approved key public and open spaces in the city.
Inauguration of the futuristic installation and dedicating it to the city of Mumbai by all the initiative partners.

Handing over benches and Bins made out of recycled plastic for the city of Mumbai.


DaanUtsav is India’s festival of Giving.( )
Daan, in Pali or Sanskrit, implies the virtue of Generosity. To Give. Selflessly.

This is not an organisation with a templated hierarchy run by a few or any, but a celebration of the “Utsav of Daan”, promoted by hundreds of volunteers across the length and breadth of India, including ourselves.

What started in 2009 with a few hundred institutions coming together to orchestrate the festival has, now grown to voluntary and selfless celebration of thousands of corporates, schools, colleges, societies, non-profits, governments and communities and millions of individuals in hundreds of villages and cities. Two years ago, over 25,000 Mumbaikars participated in DaanUtsav, beautifying 36 Railway stations of Mumbai from October 2 to October 8, making this one of the largest such selfless and voluntary initiatives across India.

This is the tenth year of DaanUtsav and ten prominent Indian’s including Lata Mangeshkar, Sachin Tendulkar, Azim Premji, Anu Aga, Mary Kom, Aliaa Bhatt have signed a joint appeal, urging people of India to step out and give back to the society, generously.