Manaswin Zone 1, Zone 5, And Zone 8 Session - February 2024

Manaswin Zone 1, Zone 5, and Zone 8 Session

A Manaswin session was conducted for Zone 1, Zone 5, and Zone 8 engaging approximately 150+ police personnel and individuals. A 2 hours workshop, inclusive of experiential-based activities, aimed to address mental health concerns among police officers. The session commenced with an introduction to the Project Mumbai organization.

Following the introduction, the workshop explored the topic of mental health, emphasizing its importance, how to identify common mental health challenges in self and others and strategies to cope with them.

The workshop incorporated the following activities to actively engage participants:
Dance Movement Activity: Participants were encouraged to express themselves through dance, highlighting the importance of free movement and its positive impact on mental health.

Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques: Mindfulness as a coping technique was introduced, leading into a 10-minute guided visualization relaxation session.
Gratitude: Lastly, participants were provided with blank chits and asked to write a positive note to the person who was sitting next to them.

Post activities, we shared a mental health tool kit with them which consists of affirmation cards, gratitude cards, breathing exercises, mindful cards, and crisis helpline numbers.