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#Young Minds For Mental Health

#Adolescentmentalhealth has been a passion space for Project Mumbai. Our adolescent mental health initiative – #TheSmilingSchoolsProject, already in its second year, reaches out to approx. 10,000 adolescents across the #MumbaiMetropolitanRegion. Since the lockdown has affected the #studentadolescentcommunity so much with all the #uncertainties around exams, school ending, beginning of college, searching for jobs/internships, and navigating through one’s emotions, we thought it would help to have a mental health safe space for youth – a space where they can share their narratives as well as receive some primary level training in #peersupport and #mentalhealth so that they can help themselves and their friends around.

With this in mind, we bring to you #youngmindsformentalhealth
where Project Mumbai will be facilitating a peer support initiative for adolescents (14 – 17) and young adults (18-21)

If you are in the above age groups and are interested in being part of such a peer support group do write in to us at with your age, contact details, and reason for wanting to join the support group.

Kindly note:

  1. It will require a commitment of 10 hours across the months of March, April, and May ( 1 hour a week)
  2. We will be accepting 15 young minds in each age group on a first come first serve basis
  3. At the end of the 10-hour peer support and training, each person will receive a Certificate of Completion from Project Mumbai

What you can also do it using the power of social media, genuineness, and courage, we would be privileged to receive 1-minute long videos from you on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, where you share how you’ve been making meaning of the last one year with respect to school, college, work, family, friends, relationships and the self. Share your stories on social media platforms by using the hashtag (#) #youngmindsformentalhealth and tag (@) @project_mumbai. This in turn will be reshared/posted by us on the Official Project Mumbai social media pages. Through this, YOU can help us make mental health conversations more visible.

#mentalhealthforall #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthawareness
#emotionalwellbeing #mumbaikeliyekuchhbhikarega #projectmumbaiforbetteliving

#Emotion Express Part 2

Hello everyone!

The past year has been challenging for all of us. Last year around #worldmentalhealthday we brought to you #EmotionExpress – our step towards creating a storehouse of coping resources created by the community for the community, and curated by mental health professionals. You participated and how! It is with gratitude that we bring to you #EmotionExpress 2.0
Let us all come together to share our coping mechanisms with each other.

What helped YOU be or feel okay or make meaning of your journey? We invite you to share all the stories that have helped you cope emotionally during this time and help us build part 2 of this incredibly unique resource. We are excited to compile and share a comprehensive tool book based on all your resources in the month of May which is celebrated as #mentalhealthmonth

Please remember – Age no bar, Language no bar. We want to hear about your individual resilience strategies as well as what you do among friends and within families to make the present times manageable!

While you share your mental health strategy on social media, please don’t forget to tag @project_mumbai and use the hashtag #EmotionExpress

We hope these next two months are full of shared learning and knowing that we are a strong human community.

#EmotionExpress #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthforall #mumbaikeliyekuchhbhikarega #projectmumbaiforbetterliving #selfcare #mentalhealthawareness #indiaformentalhealth #emotionalwellbeing


A journey reflected through this infographic –showcases ProjectMumbai’s journey across various initiatives – how we raised and utilized a whopping 27 Crore Sixty Four Lakh Sixty One Thousand and Eighty-Nine Rupees directly impacted lives of over 45 Lakh people across 24 states in India, co-founded an amazing initiative called KhaanaChahiye to feed the needy, made the country’s largest donation of Two lakh PPE kits to Mumbai’s doctors and ten Thousand to the Mumbai Police, with its army of citizen volunteers supported Senior Citizens with free delivery of food, grocery,

and medicines, launched and are successfully operating three Mental Health Helplines ( reaching out to 12 crore residents of Maharashtra) Vanity vans for women cops, and a dashboard of Hospitals for Non-COVID Patients, just to name a few. Our fight against COVID 19 has not ended. Several new initiatives have now taken up and would be announced soon.

Stories that Inspire

Not all heroes wear capes. Some cycle around in the midday sun while others climb walls to deliver food during the lockdown. Here are some of many stories of the valour, warmth and determination of Project Mumbai’s volunteers.

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