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Supporting children impacted by Covid

Supporting children impacted by Covid initiative

A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal

Supporting children who have lost parents to Covid is an initiative by Project Mumbai.

Covid has caused irreparable loss to families, both during it’s first wave as well as second wave. Our focus, specifically has been on children.

All over the state of Maharashtra, there over 12,000+ children who have lost a parent to Covid 19.

 10,000+ children have lost their fathers and around 2000 have lost their mother. In addition to the above figures, there are over 400 children who have lost both parents.

municipal school children studying picture

Project Mumbai has taken up the initiative to support the education cost of every child by dividing it into two phases :-

This initiative is in partnership with the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of Maharashtra, with whom we have signed an MOU.

Process – The first process would be the social investigation report of every child – which would be the verification of the child’s status, details etc, this investigation would be done by the district WCD officer.

This would also include the child school details. This along with the verified report and request letter would then be submitted to team Project Mumbai, who will verify the details as many times as it would wish to.

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Project Mumbai is a registered charitable trust under Mumbai Public Trusts Act, 1950. It is a platform of collaboration for ideas and solutions from individuals to institutions.Volunteering by individual and corporate citizens will be an integral part of every project we undertake


Payment of Fees:

To ensure transparency of utilization, money will not be handed to the family for further payment.

The fees will be credited by Project Mumbai directly to the school account and a confirmation will be obtained from the school.

Team Project Mumbai will also be monitoring each case as and when they wish to.

Confidentiality Clause:

For reasons of safekeeping under the various laws, the identity of every child will be kept undisclosed–except for the records of Project Mumbai and the Social Investigation Report, Government of Maharashtra.