Seamless Navigation at Hospitals

Seamless navigation at Hospitals project Mumbai initiative

“ Be patient. The best things happen unexpectedly”

Well designed and neatly painted signages. Technology supported navigation. Ease of movement – are somethings that we naturally associate with well endowed private institutions.

Mumbai civic hospitals are soon about to join that list too.

This would be made possible by a multi stakeholder initiative by Project Mumbai.

The navigation system initiative by Project Mumbai aims at creating an app based service which will enable every handset owner to locate his or her destination within the hospital, with utmost ease.

We are thankful to the JPMorgan team and its noble vertical (force for good) for working overtime and pro bono to put together this technology.

Greycell is another group we would like to express our gratitude to, as their creative team has contributed its time and energy to create the designs for the physical signages.

The hospital navigation system by Project Mumbai aims at reaching out to four civic hospitals in Mumbai – Sion (Lt municipal hospital), Nair, JJ hospital and KEM hospital.

The pilot initiative has begun work at the Sion hospital and we would like to appreciate the time and effort of the team at Sion hospital, to enable our team to survey the buildings passages and rooms for the same.

For doctors to take their time out and engage with patients, on their needs other than medicine, is highly commendable.

 The initiative will be ready to launch in a few months from now.

 If you wish to contribute and support this cause, please write to us at

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Project Mumbai is a registered charitable trust under Mumbai Public Trusts Act, 1950. It is a platform of collaboration for ideas and solutions from individuals to institutions.Volunteering by individual and corporate citizens will be an integral part of every project we undertake