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Beautifying Mumbai

What is Satrangi?

Launched in March 2021, Satrangi is a volunteer-driven initiative by Project Mumbai that aims to beautify the city’s Public Space.

FYI: The recent completion of the project at Byculla Railway Station underscores our commitment to enhancing these public spaces. The “Satrangi” Project extends beyond railway stations, encompassing the beautification of Municipal Hospital Walls, Municipal School Walls, and public highways. A diverse group of citizen volunteers, including college students, professionals, and artists, collaborate to transform these areas into vibrant landmarks. This collective effort fosters a sense of responsibility and pride in public spaces. Join us and let’s together make our Mumbai Beautiful!

Who can be a part of Satrangi?

Corporate Organzations
Colleges and Institutions
Volunteering Groups
Artists and anyone with a heart to paint


Sketch work dates: 18th to 22nd December.
Painting day: 23rd December


Wadi Bandar,

4th Floor, Area Manager Building,

P. D. Mello road, Sandhurst road,

Near Central Railway Godown,

Mazgaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400010.