Pune Plastic Recyclothon

Pune Plastic Recyclothon

Pune Plastic Recyclothon

The Plastic Recyclothon, a unique and award-winning initiative of Project Mumbai.org, launches its second Mega plastic donation, collection and recycle drive this October, 2019, celebrating the people’s festival of Giving, Daan Utsav.
This year, responding to the massive support from people across geographies, Project Mumbai proposes to take this initiative multi-city as well as attempting to change lives and better our environment across people of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR).


The Plastic Recyclothon, a unique and award-winning initiative of ProjectMumbai.org launched completed it’s as second Mega Plastic donation, collection and recycle drive in October 2019, celebrating the people’s festival of Giving, Daan Utsav.

This year, responding to the massive support from people across geographies, Project Mumbai proposes to take this initiative on a regular monthly basis as well as attempting to change lives and better our environment across people of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). The monthly collection drive has been scheduled from the month of March for Mumbai city and Navi Mumbai soon extending it to other cities of MMR

Now we are doing a monthly drive for March. This month the drive will happen in Pune.

The Plastic Recyclothon by Project Mumbai is about urging people to reduce the consumption of harmful plastic which is damaging the environment. At the same time, this has emerged as one of the largest Public- Private-People Partnerships for a cause.

Last year, despite a very short turn-around time in participation, close to 1,25,000 people of Mumbai (school children, young and old, corporate citizens, Housing societies and Institutions) came forward and donated their plastic.

Project Mumbai, through its collaborative partners, not only facilitated a doorstep pick up of the plastic from over 500 pick-up points, but had the plastic segregated and whatever was possible was recycled.


Behavioural Change: One of the most positive impacts of this action-based initiative was a change in people’s behaviour and attitude. Across residential complexes, offices and schools, individuals realised the necessity to reduce plastic consumption and the harm it was causing. More and more people wrote to us assuring us of their reduced/total stoppage of the use of plastic from their homes in as much possible a way as they could.

Refuse: There were several instances of geographies from where people called in to say they have ensured that the local vendors stopped providing amenities such as grocery and vegetables in plastic bags. Across India one of the larges retail use of such plastic, causing immense harm to the environment has been the easy access of plastic bags through grocery and vegetable vendor distribution.

Demonstrative Recycling: Project Mumbai has chosen a unique action-oriented manner of building people’s belief into what and how plastic can be recycled. Building trust through recycling. By creating this as a collaborative mechanism, we brought in recyclers who helped collect and segregate the plastic which was subsequently recycled into amenities for the city. In this case, specifically, Benches are being made which will be placed in open spaces of Mumbai especially gardens

Step One is to COLLECT the plastic in and around the area of travel, work or stay.
Step two is to register with Project Mumbai on our website www.projectmumbai.org once the registrations open up (On March 11th, 2020)
Registration close on March 21, 2020

All registered participants will get a free door step pick up of their plastic waste they have collected.
The registered participants need to put a contact name and number (the number MUST have WhatsApp on the same number as messages and instructions will be conveyed through WhatsApp groups specifically formed for the purpose)

The Recyclothon initiative will happen on March 28th, 2020.

No, as the monthly drive will be conducted only once in a month there is no choice of dates.

Any kind of plastic.

The Plastic Recyclothon: Ek Baar Phir is specifically an initiative to inculcate a positive behavioural change in terms of reducing plastic waste from our daily use. Hence, we expect support from citizens in donating and giving away only plastic waste. NOTHING ELSE, or no other form of waste including broken chairs, sofas, household garbage or wet waste.

The plastic that we collect shall be recycled to creating benches and other public use amenities.

Plogging: What is Plogging. Plogging is picking up plastic as you jog.
You can register as a plogger and collect plastic as you go for your morning walk/go to office/for your tuitions/to buy vegetables/ or anytime you step out.
Collect the plastic waste and add it to your waste collection.
Every plastic waste collector will get a cloth bag in return.
Can we make Mumbai city of Ploggers and make Mumbai Plastic waste free?

Beginning now, as groups of individuals or individuals, institutions etc start collecting the plastic waste from your home, work place and surroundings. Reduce the clutter and collate it at any safe location.


A certificate of Civic Champion and Green Warrior to the society/INDIVIDUAL/Corporate/family.

Who can participate?

Anyone and everyone. Individuals (Children, Housewives, Corporate employees, senior citizens and People like you and me), Institutions (Corporates, Housing Societies, schools/colleges) Government.


  1. City level teams will be formed to coordinate the plan with Project Mumbai
  2. On a pre-decided date and schedule, (March 28, 2020 ) plastic will be collected from registered Housing societies/institutions and individuals.

After the registration deadline of March 21st WhatsApp group will be created and you will receive its invitation link through the mail. Please join the group it is essential to communicate the time of pickup.

Project Mumbai, through its collaborative partners, will facilitate a free pick up of your donated plastic waste, to be registered on-


Contact us on:
Office landline: 022-26704021
E-mail: info@projectmumbai.org

The donor has to fill in his details and location of pick up.

The donor will also need to put in a WhatsApp number through which the communication can take place. Periodic instructions and timelines will be communicated to the registered donors through the WhatsApp groups that get created specifically for this cause. 

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Our Mission

We intend to provide affordable and sustainable waste management systems which will not only lead to cleaner environment but also help in job generation and decreasing our dependency on new fossil fuel.
We plan to generate energy from waste in our decentralised plants and offer this energy at affordable price to our businesses to increase their profitability.
We intent to adhere to stringent pollution control norms and adhere to best working practises that are practised in leading waste treatment companies