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"Great satisfaction comes from sharing with others "

The year 2020 brought with it unprecedented changes to a normal world. Every sphere of life changed, we had a new normal to handle and had to adapt ourselves to virtual platforms.

One crucial sector that had to adapt 360 degrees and is still trying to understand the meaning of this new normal is the education system.

 Principals and teachers have been undergoing continuous training and professional development to bring education online. Parents have had to manage the adjustment of children to virtual education and students began to understand the new meaning of school, learning and education.

 Most importantly, each of these stakeholders have had to cope with the loss of physical schooling which meant that they could not or still cannot meet friends, colleagues or classmates. They could not be in physical classrooms and canteens and to top it all, there was no clarity of when things would go back to being what they initially were.

While 2021 brought with it some hope of normalcy, we quickly had to adapt to the new wave of the virus. Last year team Project Mumbai had interacted with over 1000 schools stakeholders and heard stories of resilience, coping, grief and much more. We know that this has and continues to be a difficult time for all school stakeholders. At the same time these unprecedented circumstances have led to an immense lot of innovation, empathy, creativity and kindness in education spaces.

Project Mumbai initiated hash tag stories from schools with the aim of telling and sharing your stories on a larger platform.

The world is going through such tough times. We can all benefit from some motivation and inspiration and feeling of solidarity in these times of struggle. Team Project Mumbai will compile all that you will share, into a coping resource and this will be circulated among schools across the country.

Let’s amplify your voices and show the world your strength over the last year!

We want to hear from you!

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Project Mumbai is a registered charitable trust under Mumbai Public Trusts Act, 1950. It is a platform of collaboration for ideas and solutions from individuals to institutions.Volunteering by individual and corporate citizens will be an integral part of every project we undertake


municipal school children studying picture
municipal school children studying picture