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Mumbai Plastic Recyclothon March 2024 Report

The Mumbai Plastic Recyclothon, held in March 2024, marked a significant stride towards addressing plastic waste management in the city. Through a series of initiatives ranging from collection drives to awareness sessions, Project Mumbai aimed to mobilize communities and institutions towards sustainable plastic recycling practices.

On the 9th of March 2024, Project Mumbai organized a city-wide plastic collection drive across 52 locations. The concerted effort resulted in the collection of an impressive 2000 kilograms of plastic waste, demonstrating the community’s willingness to engage in environmental stewardship.

Following the collection drive, an awareness session was conducted at the Wadala Fire Station on 14th March 24. It was attended by the housekeeping staff and residents of the fire brigade quarters, the session highlighted the importance of plastic waste management. As a testament to their commitment, attendees pledged to collect plastic waste from their location and contribute it to Project Mumbai for recycling purposes.

KJ Somaiya Medical College extended an invitation to Project Mumbai to conduct a session on plastic collection and recycling on 22nd March 24. The response from the participants was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their intention to actively participate in plastic collection efforts. This indicates a growing awareness and willingness to adopt sustainable practices within educational institutions.

The March 2024 edition of the Mumbai Plastic Recyclothon witnessed remarkable participation and engagement from various sectors of the community. The collective efforts of Project Mumbai, coupled with the support and commitment of participating organizations and individuals, underscore the potential for meaningful progress in plastic waste management. Moving forward, sustained efforts and continued collaboration will be instrumental in achieving a cleaner and more sustainable Mumbai. This report encapsulates the key activities and outcomes of the Mumbai Plastic Recyclothon in March 2024, reflecting the shared commitment towards a greener, plastic-free future for the city.