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Mumbai Maitri – Second Innings

Mumbai being a City Friendly for the Elderly.

MaKing Mumbai the Kindness Capital of India

SECOND INNINGS: Engaging seniors ( starting as a warm up with working professionals in their fifties who get into active second roles once they retire) into opportunities of mentorship and leadership for various volunteering initiatives which are low hanging.

It could be supporting Naksha (which is mapping and researching the roads near home), being custodians of the garden libraries near them, setting help desks at locations provided the permissions come through, lead in the fire safety training, cyber safety engagement among others.

All we need is your energy and passion.
And your willingness to lead and mentor youngsters as well.
Of course, you should be able to contribute at least three hours in a week.
The location would in most cases be within your neighbourhood.
Mapping a road near your home, planning a recycling of plastic waste, coordinating some book collection drives or helping in a civic solution.

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