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Harita – Green Fellowship

Harita – Green Fellowship cover picture

By discovering nature, you discover yourself

Harita – The Green Footprint Fellowship brought to you by Project Mumbai in collaboration with Ministry of Mumbai’s magic with the MCGM is back.

The objective of the fellowship is to build awareness and consensus towards the city’s greenery and to create a community of caretakers.

 To engage the young Mumbaikar and create green ambassadors for our neighborhood, the city at large and through engagement of citizens and institutions at a large scale and for adopting a long term association with gardens across 24 wards of Mumbai.

 The initiative focuses on building awareness towards maintaining our neighborhood’s greenery and subsequently of the city as well, through mapping, prioritizing and recreating the green spaces and compiling a report for the corporation. It would establish parameters and benchmarking criteria towards a holistic requirement of a public garden, both for qualitative and quantitative purposes.

The Harita Green Footprint Fellowship organised by Project Mumbai has given students an opportunity to build a sense of ownership towards their city. Since gardens and parks are considered to be the lungs of a city, this initiative aims at analyzing and upgrading the quality of open spaces in all the 24 wards of Mumbai.

Impact of the initiative

The fellows have been trained to work online over a digital platform to conduct the citizen related surveys and for the response building for parks in each ward.

 Project Mumbai team formed ward level online communities and each fellow who coordinated the group, invited other fellows and citizens to join in as well.

The fellows have been successful in mapping more than 350 gardens till now in the two months of the initiative. The citizen’s response survey was done through an online survey to reduce exposure two people and to ensure all safety norms are followed.


Harita – Green Fellowship cover photo
Harita – Green Fellowship footprint picture