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Har Ghar Hai Donor May 2024

In May, we conducted three sessions for the Har Ghar Hai Donor Initiative. The low response was mainly due to the elections, as the RTO offices were not accessible, and many people were out of town for summer vacations. Despite the challenges, we were able to impact over 150 people and raise awareness about the Organ Donation Process in India.

During one of our awareness sessions, our interns conducted a session and provided information to address participants’ doubts. We also organized an awareness session in a corporate office, which received a great response with 80 in-person and online attendees. After the session, people asked questions and got their queries resolved.

We have also recruited new volunteers to conduct organ donation awareness sessions across Mumbai. We held an online meeting where the Project Officer provided them with the necessary information and guidelines for conducting awareness sessions.

Starting this month, we have introduced a new initiative to nominate the “Hero of the Month” for Har Ghar Hai Donor. Our first “Hero of the Month” is Smita Inmadar, who organized an awareness session at her Plastic drop-off location (under The Mumbai Plastic Recyclothon) and encouraged her friends and family to attend the session and learn more about the cause.