Har Ghar Hai Donor February 2024

In February, we conducted a total of 5 sessions for Har Ghar Hai Donor. We introduced 2 new locations, namely Aarey Ground (Andheri RTO- Rickshaw/ taxi passing ground) and Vashi RTO. One session was held at Andheri RTO and one at Wadala RTO. We have been conducting these sessions at these 2 locations for about 5 months now. Our goal is to increase the frequency of the sessions at all RTOs and introduce new locations in the future.


We reached out to around 300 people this month, and 10 of them pledged to be donors on the spot. Our audience for the RTO session included Rickshaw drivers, Taxi drivers, Truck drivers, new license applicants, and people who had come to renew their licenses. The audience was very engaged and asked many questions during the sessions.


During one or two sessions, we asked the participants about their knowledge of organ donation/eye donation (the most common type of organ donation), and some of them shared their understanding of the topic. One participant even mentioned that they had already filled up a form for their eyes to be donated after their death.


The first session of the month was held at Andheri RTO as part of the “Road Safety Week” organized by the transport department of Maharashtra. The session was comprehensive and began with a street play performed by Cooper Hospital medical students. We concluded the session by giving the audience facts and guidance related to the donation process and urging them to take the pledge.