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AGNI RAKSHAK Report March 2024

In collaboration with Project Mumbai, an esteemed not-for-profit organization, the Mumbai Fire Brigade introduced Agni Rakshak – Making Mumbai Fire Safe, a pioneering citizen volunteer program dedicated to educating citizens on fire safety and awareness. Held at the Byculla Headquarters of the Mumbai Fire Brigade, this weekly session offers free training exclusively to pre-registered candidates.

Activity Details:

The Agni Rakshak session for March 2024 was convened on Saturday, the 2nd, with an impressive turnout of 94 dedicated volunteers. Participants hailed from diverse groups and colleges, including the NSS group of Thakur College, Jaguar Security Agency (Prabhadevi), Centuria Skills and Development (Vashi), and enthusiastic citizens who registered online.


Session Components:

Theory Lecture Session:

  • The theory lecture segment serves as a foundational introduction to fire safety principles and offers insights into the illustrious history of the Mumbai Fire Brigade. This session equips volunteers with essential knowledge on responding effectively to fire emergencies, thereby empowering them to take proactive measures in crisis situations.

Mental Health Session:

The Mental Health Session is designed to provide participants with valuable information on human psychology and strategies for maintaining mental composure during fire accidents. Facilitated in an interactive and engaging manner, this session encourages volunteers to openly discuss their fears and uncertainties, fostering a supportive environment for emotional well-being.

Practical Fire Safety Training:

The practical fire safety training segment is a hands-on session where experienced officers instruct volunteers on the proper usage of fire extinguishers. Through practical demonstrations and guided practice, participants gain proficiency in handling firefighting equipment, thereby enhancing their preparedness to tackle fire incidents effectively.


The Agni Rakshak session for March 2024 exemplified the ongoing commitment of citizens towards fostering a fire-safe environment in Mumbai. By imparting valuable theoretical knowledge, promoting mental well-being, and delivering practical firefighting training, the program continues to empower volunteers with the skills and confidence needed to safeguard their communities. Such collaborative efforts between the Mumbai Fire Brigade and Project Mumbai serve as a testament to the collective determination to make Mumbai a safer place for all its residents.