Other Initiatives



Project Mumbai has launched one of the biggest and largest mapping initiatives of Mumbai’s roads. And what is on these roads. Including Hospitals, Educational institutions, pharmacies, and even Police stations. A collaborative action plan aims at ensuring every main road, every ‘gully’ gets mapped and its history recorded. A QR Code will help you navigate this further.

The MCGM, the Mumbai Police and the Mumbai University have joined hands with Project Mumbai to make this happen.



Mumbai Fire Brigade in partnership with Project Mumbai, an award-winning not-for-profit today launched AGNI RAKSHAK–MAKING MUMBAI FIRE SAFE– a unique citizen volunteer program to train citizens in fire safety and awareness.

We have trained around 1800 citizens including, senior citizens and youth to become fire safety champions in the past year.

The training is held at Byculla Fire Brigade station once or twice a month.

The training is free. Those interested in registering can write to volunteer@projectmumbai.org/old and will continue every Saturday, For those who wish to register porjectmumbai.org


Mumbai Gives 2023

This October 2023, the country’s most vibrant and active city–Mumbai—is back with MUMBAI GIVES— arguably the largest citizen-led initiative festival of giving. An initiative of Project Mumbai your very own not-for-profit, Mumbai Gives coincides with the celebration of Joy of Giving and will begin from October 2 to October 8 this year.




Project Mumbai, in partnership with MCGM, is setting up libraries in the municipal gardens. (Did you know there are close to 1100 gardens across Mumbai?) Amazed?

In the first phase, we are choosing those gardens which have a gazebo (a safe shelter/covering ) where the cupboards can be placed. We already have a few hundred books which citizens have gifted/donated us for this initiative (yes, you can donate a few books too).

The books will be kept in Almirahs ( some cupboards have been donated by citizens while the entity with a heart of gold, Godrej, is donating us a few cupboards too). And do you remember Project Mumbai’s Mumbai Plastic Recyclothon? And the plastic that people donated, which we recycled into benches? Yes. Those benches will be placed in the gazebo so that you can sit and read peacefully. Much of the monitoring of these libraries would be done by Project Mumbai’s volunteers. Who live in the vicinity.
That’s what a perfect model of public private people partnership looks like.

Project Mumbai has also set up libraries in the Arthur Road prison and the Byculla Women’s prison.
Coming up next-more libraries across gardens.

And many more community libraries for children across Mumbai.
Lastly, more libraries across prisons.
So what are you waiting for?
If you have a book to donate or some time to spare, write to us on volunteer@projectmumbai.org
Let us reclaim our city. For its citizens.



Project Mumbai takes great pride in its partnership with the Mumbai Wheelers Wheel Chair Basket Ball Association #MWWBA.

Our collaborative effort will begin with providing accessible playing infrastructure to the fantastic bunch of wheelchair basketball players of Mumbai and Maharashtra, coaching support, employment opportunities and create orientation sessions with parents of differently-abled children, suggest career and healing options so they do not have to struggle with their child’s future.



 Providing meals, medicines and groceries to over 10,000 senior citizens and people with disabilities or living alone.

Our first actionable initiative began even before the lockdown was announced. Our army of volunteers swung into action to provide this service.

 In several cases, we dipped into our resources of donations to pay for the groceries of those who could not afford to purchase. This was to reach out to those, who were under home quarantine as a part of the air travel protocol.

 We provided this service as we did not want them to feel compelled to step out.


Organ Donation

Lakhs of people in India need an organ transplant every year. Five lakh annually to be precise.
0.01 percent of citizens across India are organ donors. Even this number is going down.
Each one of us can save lives. As individuals. As a family.
By pledging to donate.
Project Mumbai launches an initiative to create an awareness to urge people to PLEDGE to donate their organs. The first step in saving a life.
We are doing this in partnership with the AMAR GANDHI FOUNDATION and supported by ROTTO-SOTTO.
HAR GHAR HAI DONOR is not just about one person-the ME. But about the collective. The WE.
Can we come together as a family and donate our organs?



Salaam Rakshak – Salute to the protectors is an initiative under which Mumbai suburban network is being beautified as a tribute and respect to the corona warriors.
mission suraksha cover photo

Mission Suraksha

Project Mumbai supported by extremely able collaborated partners, provided 16 vanity vans for policemen on bandobast duty.


₹25,270 Raised

₹30,000 Goal

Shambar Takke Shaaii Mission 2022 cover photo

Shambar Takke Shaaii (STS) : Mission 2022

There is an equally large concern which results in a low voter turnout.–citizens who are not registered as voters or citizens

Bas kar Mumbai kar- Anti littering campaign

Bas Kar Mumbaikar – Anti littering drive

Project Mumbai is collaborating with clean Mumbai foundation and the MCGM to launch a massive anti littering drive called Bas Kar Mumbaikar (That’s enough Mumbai residents).


₹25,270 Raised

₹30,000 Goal

Talk English

Talk English We are very excited to launch Talk English – a volunteer-driven public service initiative for children and adults,
Seamless navigation at Hospitals project Mumbai initiative

Seamless navigation at hospitals

Well designed and neatly painted signages. Technology supported navigation. Ease of movement – are somethings that we naturally associate with well endowed private institutions.


₹25,270 Raised

₹30,000 Goal

Pune Plastic Recyclothon cover photo

Pune Plastic Recyclothon

Pune Plastic Recyclothon The Plastic Recyclothon, a unique and award-winning initiative of Project Mumbai.org, launches