Jallosh-Clean Coasts

Jallosh-Clean Coasts

Registration Postponed

Jallosh Schedule

Date: 21st and 22nd March 2020

Mangrove locations

Location Landmark Time
Borivali Creek Borivali Jetty 7:30 to 10am
Versova Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Juhu Versova Link Rd 7:30 to 10am
Bandra, Carter Road Near Amphitheater 7:30 to 10am
Charkop Milan Sweets &Farsan Shop 7:30 to 10am

Beach and River locations

Location Time
Cuffe Parade 7:30 to 10am
Mahim- Hinduja 7:30 to 10am
Mahim- Reti Bundar 7:30 to 10am
Bandra 7:30 to 10am
Dadar- Chaityabhumi 7:30 to 10am
Dadar- Behind Kirti college 7:30 to 10am
Versova. 7:30 to 10am
Dana Pani – Malad 7:30 to 10am
Girgaum 7:30 to 10am
Mithi 7:30 to 10am
Poisar 7:30 to 10am
Pawai Lake 7:30 to 10am
Mumbai’s coastline and water bodies will be the focus of a unique massive citizen volunteering initiative this year again as we celebrate the

“The Biggest Initiative to protect Mumbai’s water bodies’ with Jallosh in March 2020.

The two day initiative not only aims at cleaning the rivers, beaches and mangroves, but also, simultaneously draws citizen volunteers to all the river- bodies and beaches of Mumbai.

Operation “Jallosh-Clean Coasts” is an initiative of Project Mumbai, a not for profit, and is being supported by several like-minded and award-winning groups, including #MahimBeach Cleanup, Beach Warriors, Beach Please, River March  for Nature just to name a few.

Operation Jallosh Clean Coasts will also involve local communities in the initiative. The effort will be as much to educate, inform and action the process.

Simultaneously, this will mark the first step into putting together a white paper on the water bodies to be submitted to the Government of Maharashtra, the MCGM, the MMRDA as well as the Urban Bodies in the MMR. The objective is to make this initiative collaborative and the effort concerted in a manner that Public-Private-People support will be brought in.

Hundreds and thousands of people across the country visit Mumbai only to catch a glimpse of the vast seas, going back disappointed by the dirty waste-littered shores, the scenario is even more pathetic on the river-maintenance front. “Jallosh” last June, was just a first step in drawing the attention of volunteering citizens as well as the Government towards Mumbai’s neglected coastline and water bodies.

“Most people in Mumbai are not even aware of the existence of three rivers flowing through the city, the fourth being Mithi, which came into notice after Mumbai’s deluge over a decade ago. Industrial waste, encroachment and state neglect have led to an acute environmental crisis that Mumbai is facing and most of us are unaware of. It is high time for us to do something by joining our hands.” says River March, a volunteering group which has been relentlessly campaigning for cleaner rivers of Mumbai.

During Jallosh (which translated means celebration) –Clean Coasts, different groups will also hold advocacy and interactive learning sessions on flora and fauna, educating people on not just safe-keeping and maintenance of the beaches, but also protecting the marine life, sea creatures and the mangroves.

Following this, Project Mumbai along with the collaborating teams will also draw up an action plan for a sustained effort to beautify, maintain and subsequently adopt these locations for a cleaner and better Mumbai.

The volunteering opportunity is open to individuals, Corporates, Colleges and Schools, Non-profit voluntary bodies, youth groups, young and old.

Who can participate: Any individual or group of people who feel passionate towards the cause and are able, can do so. There are different options by way of which, a person/group can support the cause which are all detailed in the website.

Jallosh-Clean Coasts has been the beginning and part of Project Mumbai’s Citizens for Sustainability initiative under the tag line, Mumbai ke liye, Kuch bhi Karega.

Where and when it is happening?

Cleaning Mumbai and MMRs water bodies of waste, primarily Plastic and other waste which is chocking the environment.

Where and when it is happening?

Date: 21st and 22nd March 2020.
Locations: Rivers- Mithi, Poisar.
Coastline: Cuffe parade, Mahim – Hinduja, Mahim -Reti bunder, Bandra, Dadar – Chaityabhumi Entrance, Dadar- Behind Kirti college, Versova, Dana Pani – Malad, Girgaum

To register as a volunteer:

You may also like to volunteer to assist team Project Mumbai and for that, you may write to us on volunteer@projectmumbai.org

For clarifications, you can reach us on:

Mobile: +91–9653330712
Landline: 022-26704021 (between 10 am and 6 pm)

The last date for registration is 18th March, 2020..

People can volunteer their time/skill/donation in kind or otherwise and choose the location and date, when they wish to be part of this initiative.

Instruction List

There will be separate instruction lists shared with the participants once they register.


The opportunity is FREE for all individual registrants. There are face masks and gloves which will be provided to you / the volunteer by Team Project Mumbai.

To support the cause:

In Infra-structure/skill or money reach out to us at

Donations and contributions for this specific initiative can also be made to:

“Project Mumbai”
Axis Bank Ltd, Andheri West

Account No.: 918020096611456
IFSC: UTIB0000740

Send us a text about your donation with your name, address and PAN to telephone no : +91–9653330712
You could also call us on : 022-26704021


Fill up the form on the website which has all the details.
The entire initiative is a people led program and at every location, be it the beaches or the river banks, it is also important to maintain discipline and system. These are all public places and we cannot overcrowd the place. Registration is also being done from a safety and security point of view.
Immediately after you register, you will get an acknowledgment of your registration confirming your support. By March 18th, you will get a whats-app invitation to the group based on the location you have chosen. For instance, if you have opted for Mahim Beach Cleanup, there will be a whats-app group specifically created for that purpose and you will be part of that group which will convey the next set of instructions.
The requirement at each location is approximately 300 persons per shift. Hence, once the quota per location is full, we shall close that option and give people the remaining options to volunteer.
The whats-app group once created for the registered volunteers will explain the specific location and how to get there and whom to reach out to.
This is a collaborative initiative. Project Mumbai team shall provide the gloves and masks and needed infrastructure for clean up to the participants. Each participant should carry their own bottle of water and cap if need be.
On each of the clean up days, there will be some who will be cleaning and some who will be involved in educating and creating awareness.
This is a collaborative initiative. There are Champion partners associated with Project Mumbai who will be at each location with Designated badges and attire. They will also be on your whats-app group and those instructions will be clearly explained.
Project Mumbai and the local Champion partners are working towards making this a safe and secure initiative. For this, your cooperation is extremely critical. Hence, kindly support us to make Mumbai better.
This initiative also requires your support in Gloves, caps, equipment, shovels, trucks, tempos and excavators. Apart from Water and medical support. If there is any way you have these resources and are willing to support us, please reach out to us on the Project Mumbai helpline number listed on the top right corner of the home page.
  • You must have the spirit of volunteering.
  • Avoid carrying any expensive clothing articles.
  • Carry your own water bottle/caps.
  • Preferably wear comfortable closed shoes.
  • For those allergic to heat, please take appropriate medical precautions.

This being a volunteering opportunity, an individual can chose any one or both days. He/She has the option of choosing any of the locations specified in the drop down list.

The timings are not exceeding two hours of clean up work and the timings will be based on the Low water tide timings. This will be specified shortly.