Learning Disability Certification Centers across Maharashtra

Children with learning disabilities, be it writing, reading or comprehension, require a certification from the State medical board/certified hospital, before they can get such a relaxation during examinations. There are very limited certification centres across Maharashtra. All are based in Mumbai. The Medical Directorate has, on the support and intervention of Project Mumbai, committed

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Seamless Navigation at Hospitals

Well designed and neatly painted signages. Technology supported navigation. Ease of movement. Such things we naturally associate with well-endowed private institutions. Mumbai’s Civic Hospitals will join that list. Thanks to a multi-stake holder initiative led by Project Mumbai. The Navigation System by Project Mumbai aims at creating an app-based service (and we thank team

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Bas Kar Mumbaikar: Anti Littering Drive

Project Mumbai is collaborating with Clean Mumbai Foundation and the MCGM to launch a massive anti littering drive called Bas Kar Mumbai kar. (That’s enough, Mumbai residents). This project is to urge and provoke citizens not to litter and ensure that they prevent others from doing so as well.  The project was inaugurated by the

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People-friendly Streets

Mumbai roads are getting narrower and the pedestrian pathways non-existent. Project Mumbai will give pedestrians back their streets by making them safe and comfortable for walking, cycling, recreation and more face-to-face interaction. Reduced air and noise pollution and less dependence on motorised transport are just some of the benefits of an initiative like this.

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Upgrade the Margins

Mumbai has several zones that concentrate poverty, vulnerabilities and social disintegration. Populated by migrants and people in low-income jobs, these zones are characterised by informal, illegal or unauthorised housing and weak or absent basic physical and social infrastructure. Here diseases are rampant and life insecure. These are also zones with a high proportion of youth

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Mission Sports

We want more children and youth to play outdoors. Project Mumbai is working on a PPP model involving MCGM, MMRDA and corporates to create and maintain sports infrastructure across the city and promote physical activity. We will look to utilise existing spaces like those under the flyovers for this initiative. Corporate support is welcome

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