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“It has been a wonderful journey with these volunteers, who I consider as angels.” – Moses Kotrike

My name is Moses Kotrike and I am a pastor and a project coordinator at an NGO that works in Nalasopara. Being a pastor, I advise and counsel people who come to church and to the NGO. We help all sorts of underprivileged people, ranging from illiterate/uneducated people to women and children who have been

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‘A timely call’ – Priya Mayekar Kamat

It was already dark when I heard about the delivery. As I saw the message and registered that a cancer patient in Malad needs his medicines delivered to him, I could almost instantly sense the worry I knew he was feeling. What if he needed it tonight? What if the delay led to something

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‘To Unsung Heroes’ – Amita Shah

As another week of quarantine passes by, many of us sit in the comfort of our homes, with a hot meal in front of us, grumbling about the boredom that seems unconquerable. Meanwhile, in different parts of the city, under different roofs, people face more formidable foes: Isolation and Hunger. One month of working

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‘Little things’ – Riti Kapoor Chopra

‘I am a born optimist’ Volunteer work has always been a part of my life. With Project Mumbai, I was able to play my part by delivering groceries and medicines to senior citizens and slum dwellers. I am always someone who looks at the bigger picture, but at the same time, I find joy

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PROVIDING MEALS, MEDICINES AND GROCERIES TO OVER 10,000 SENIOR CITIZENS AND PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES--LIVING ALONE. Our first actionable initiative began even before the lock-down was announced. Our army of volunteers, swung into action to provide this relief. In several cases, we dipped into our resources of donations to pay for the groceries of those

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PROJECT MUMBAI HAS THE SUPPORT A FEW THOUSAND GOOD SAMARITANS WHICH HELPED US BUILD A HYPER LOCAL NETWORK OF VOLUNTEERS ACROSS OVER A HUNDRED LOCATIONS IN MUMBAI, THANE AND PORTIONS OF THE MMR. Project Mumbai has been blessed to have a large number of dedicated citizen volunteers--our army of Good Samaritans--. which has been

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