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Ever wondered what's the significance behind the name which adorns the signboard at the beginning of your lane? Who are these people? What is their contribution which has earned them the place on the signboard? Project Mumbai has launched one of the biggest and largest mapping initiatives of Mumbai's roads. And what is

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Project Mumbai takes great pride in its partnership with the Mumbai Wheelers Wheel Chair Basket Ball Association #MWWBA. Our collaborative effort will begin with providing accessible playing infrastructure to the fantastic bunch of wheelchair basketball players of Mumbai and Maharashtra, coaching support, employment opportunities and create orientation sessions with parents of differently-abled

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Plastic Recyclothon Ek Baar Phir!

Registration Open The Initiative in its fourth year..2021 Project Mumbai launched its first Mega plastic donation, collection and recycle drive past October 2018, celebrating the people's festival of Giving, Daan Utsav. The Plastic Recyclothon by Project Mumbai is now an award-winning initiative urging people to reduce consumption of harmful plastic

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Supporting children impacted by covid

SUPPORTING CHILDREN WHO HAVE LOST PARENTS TO COVID: COVID has caused irreparable loss to families, both during the first and second wave. Our focus, specifically has also been children. Across Maharashtra, there are over 12,000 plus children who have lost a parent to COVID, till date. Ten thousand plus who have lost their fathers

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Talk English

Talk English We are very excited to launch Talk English - a volunteer-driven public service initiative for children and adults, aimed at improving the fluency of spoken English. These sessions are completely free and open to all those looking to overcome fears, feel more confident in their speech, and have a great

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Project Mumbai with MahaPeconet 2.0 Platform under Unicef Maharastra

Advocacy Campaign for increasing Covid Appropriate Behaviour to reduce Vaccine Aversiveness under MahaPeconet 2.0 Platform with Unicef Maharastra Part 3 of 3 Follow Amol Gupte on Covid Appropriate Behaviours, Get your family Vaccinated Part 2 of 3 Follow Amol Gupte on Covid Appropriate Behaviours, Masking and Testing

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Project Mumbai For Municipal School Children

PROJECT MUMBAI FOR MUNICIPAL SCHOOL CHILDREN The pandemic has impacted one and all. It continues to do so. Among the worst impacted are children, especially those with lesser privileges, undergoing digital education with barely one hand set shared in the family. There are 97202 children studying in Mumbai Municipal Corporation schools who

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ENVIRONMENT 2.0 GEN-NEXT RESULTS ARE OUT CONGRATULATION TO THE YOUNG ENVIRONMENT CHAMPS Over the last few days, we have been inundated with calls, messages, and emails seeking details of the results of the Ideas for Action contest. The unique initiative which all of you had been part of. This was an

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एन्व्हायर्मेंट २.० जेन.-नेक्स्ट

पर्यावरण व वातावरणीय बदल विभाग, महाराष्ट्र शासन यांच्या सहयोगाने प्रोजेक्ट मुंबई विविध स्तरांतील प्रभावशाली व्यक्तींचा मेळावा आयोजित करत आहे, ज्यात मुंबई तसेच मुंबई महानगर प्रदेश आणि महाराष्ट्राच्या पर्यावरणासाठी निकालाधिष्ठीत, कालबद्ध, कृती आराखडा सादर केला जाईल. राष्ट्रीय पर्यावरण अभियांत्रिकी संशोधन संस्था (नीरी) आणि पी. डब्ल्यू. सी ह्या या ऐतिहासिक मेळाव्यात आमच्या सहकारी संस्था आहेत.

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